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YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others. Originally created in 2005, YouTube is now one of the most popular sites on the Web, with visitors watching around 6 billion hours of video every month. It’s all about user-generated content. Instead of videos from major TV networks and movie studios, you’ll find amazing and creative videos made by people just like you. And YouTube isn’t a one-way street—you can jump in, record and share your own videos, and become a part of the community. The network has its specific content promotion algorithms, so in a correct usage way, once can get profit while working on the platform. There aren’t any snags while using YouTube as a source of for free traffic, meaning the source can be normally used.

Affiliates Marketing Through YouTube

In YouTube affiliate marketing, videos cheer customers up to buy products from third-party sites. Examples of YouTube affiliate marketing videos have reviews, how-to guides, un-boxing videos and more. Videos are designed to show off what products can do and describe why customers should go on to make a purchase. When you finish your video, you can register for an affiliate marketing program and then add links to the video. The links can be placed either in the video description or as annotations in the clip itself. These are the popular types of affiliates marketing through YouTube:

  • Native product video advertising
  • Offer advertising through video reviews
  • Online casino, gambling/betting streams
  • How-to-guide videos
  • Games and sport events’ popular compilations through videos

Gambling and betting affiliate programs work well with YouTube traffic as they are active presently mostly in gambling/betting cases. People watching videos about online casinos can have high interested in to begin with gambling separately. These all are about sports bets, reviews, analysis of sports events or compilations of those epic moments evoking fans to be motivated to place a bet on their favorite team.

Gambling/Betting Affiliates Marketing in YouTube

To launch a YouTube marketing campaign, affiliates program registration is needed for the first place. It’s necessary that the chosen affiliates program/network accept for free traffic through this type of advertisement. It’s crucial to get knowledge about well-know and good gambling/betting affiliates programs to start the very beginning of the advertisement. Those convert better leads and provide good traffic quality based on the experience they have worked with. When the partner receives his affiliates links, the type of video content for the channel feature is necessary to be chosen. It will be good to create a content plan for the month beforehand to follow up. This will lead the marketing progress, and step by step video promotion using Youtube’s algorithms with content will bring benefit.

How to Make Money Through YouTube Affiliates Marketing

These are the two main types of YouTube advertisement: paid and for free.

For free promotion will be good for both beginners and affiliates with huge experience as this type will work for all kinds of contents. Various videos can be made to proceed with through Youtube affiliates marketing as based on the video views starting from thousand will make YouTube’s algorithm work and promote more actively. The newest format – Shorts is also popular through marketing promotions as the competitions isn’t the strong and those are easy to make.

Paid is more suitable for experienced affiliates ready to take a risk for the investments. Including paid ad campaigns for the offers, famous bloggers, video editors will attract huge amount of traffic through the affiliates link while paying and promoting the product. Paid types are good for the those promotions that don’t violate policy rules against community conditions such as crypto, ecommerce and etc.

How-To-Guide Videos

These videos clickbait titles and featured ways of making money on gambling and betting spheres. The videos with specific titles like ‘How I won sports Jackpot’ with steps of how to will surely bring sprostbook lovers into the video to follow the guideline. It’s easy to drive traffic from YouTube to any kind of social network avoiding banning as the connected media links don’t show the content beforehand.

Videos with featured outplay to drive traffic to the casino are good choices for affiliates gambling/betting marketing. The schematic traffic might not be accepted by all advertisers, but through such videos, quality is quite popular among YouTube community. Such kind of affiliates marketing can be beneficial, yet the affiliates manager’s confirmation is needed to start proceed with the product.

Professional Videos and User Reviews

With thousands of gambling sites and billions of dollars on the line, the competition in the online gambling industry is getting intense. To get in the lucrative online gambling/betting market, owning a casino isn’t necessary yet posting online casino reviews under the affiliate program will surely gain huge benefits if done correctly. Community interested in gambling/betting usually turn to online casino reviews while for a good casino to play with. And one of the main reasons why many of them offer such lucrative deals to affiliates is the need to reach out to as many players as possible.


Streaming services such as YouTube Live have an important role for gambling/betting entertainment. These sites host millions of “live streamers” and tens of millions of daily viewers. Streamers broadcast their lives and activities — often digital gaming — to audiences linking and chatting with them in real-time. Slot streaming channels have recently created headlines. Popular streamers have been racking up views, wagering and winnings with big money. Such entertaining videos bring non-targeted traffic to the desired network easily.

YouTube Affiliates Marketing Costs and Benefits

All mentioned steps can be profitable and beneficial yet can have their disadvantages while working with. Analyzing is an essential part before choosing any of them to make the YouTube affiliates marketing successful for the chosen product, as of gambling/betting in this case.


  • Huge amount of traffic with all customer demographics from wide GEO targeting
  • Less competitions compared other social paid sources
  • Mostly possible to promote all types of content
  • SEO engine optimization in a simple way activating both in YouTube and Google
  • For free source
  • Simple threshold, videos are needed to enter the market


  • Creativity and talent are required to make high-quality videos in order to success in this type of affiliates marketing without failure
  • YouTube has restrictions on the mass link placements, as the platform’s main goal is to retain users, not send them to other platforms
  • Based on the good competitors on the platform, top-tier content and invest in promotion methods are needed to rank up higher for the marketing progress


Nevertheless, YouTube is at the popularity peak, it is a relatively new source for gambling/betting traffic source. Types of creating high quality content to promote are comparable to marketing expenses in other sources yet the number of new users can frow essentially due to bloggers from advertising. This is said that YouTube can be considered as high-quality source to work with.

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