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Mobile devices have become strongly famous so it’s crucial to have enough knowledge the marketing tools that can be proceeded with that. Just recently the need that marketing experts should have an opportunity to send messages to the customers’ pockets and capture their attention with just one click seems necessary so push notifications are those to propose through. There have already been a lot of examples of marketers making a good profit from using them. Push notification is a small notification that popups on your mobile device or personal computer.

Separately, push networks lead the process of delivering notifications to users. For advertisement campaign launch, one need to have own database or a mobile application with which push will be delivered to users. Push networks are for launching ad campaigns. After registering in one of those networks, a user can launch a push campaign for a price, set up a target, creatives and get statistics on those who followed your link.

Benefits of Push Notifications/Networks

  • Advertisement reaches out guarantee
  • Push notifications filter anti-fraud system with real community/traffic source
  • CPC/CPM payment with low traffic cost
  • Higher CPR, users’ preferences to receive notifications
  • Easiness of push notifications campaign set up
  • High rate in running push notifications in gambling/betting
  • Direct link to the offer’s page through one click
  • Costs of push notifications/networks

Traffic loss

  • Changeable strategies
  • Pause necessity
  • Traffic quality through CPC

Suitable Niches for Push Notifications

It is difficult to point out niches better with push traffic because it is not possible to narrow targeting. It all depends on the kind of traffic itself or the source. Some of the most promising niches to use push notification are the following:

Gambling: People finding out possibility of winning huge jackpots with small bets, the instantly search for online casinos to play with. These niches have gained mainly positive results and bugger interests comparing rest working ones.

Dating: Given the importance society has in online social interactions, it is not surprising that online dating is one of the biggest niches. People are ready to spend a lot of money on dating sites having a possibility to reach those millions faster by using push notifications.

Adult: Same goes as in online dating, adult promotes products and services that revolve around romantic online interactions. However, important to know that this is a lot less PG than online dating. The niche is competitive and having push notifications usage is higher in this case.

Principles of Using Push Notifications for Traffic Generation

It is the same principle as building an email list, just less complicated. The pop-up message is automatically generated by third-party software so no need to create an opt-in form. Yet, the creation of a lead magnet is unnecessary here since the subscribers are opting for the notifications. Below are the three basic objectives:

Text: The message that will be sent to the users/subscribers
Image: Image involving in the message making subscribers click for the interest
Link: The link of the page directing subscribers to the desired page

Important objectives to pay attention to while working with push notifications:

  • Spamming is the biggest cons with push notifications. Some affiliate marketers just send multiple notifications at any time without putting into consideration the users’ activities. Better to proceed with one time notification to avoid spamming.
  • It’s necessary to change the message sending to the users to increase the interest without making them annoyed getting the same again.

Through marketing researches, all the devices with access to the Internet provide good opportunity to directly communicate with customers/subscribers, and push notifications are the top objectives making this communication extremely efficient in communication with the product.

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