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It’s not exactly something most people say for fear of giving away too much information to their competition. Luckily for most people, they have multiple sites, and the ones that look like they generate the least probably generate the most. A Gambling Affiliate is a marketer that drives traffic to gaming operators. Being a main part of the online gambling industry, they drive serious traffic levels, gaming operators offer big commissions to attract and retain successful sign-ups for their casino games.

How to work with affiliates gambling/betting programs/networks

It’s difficult to label someone as professional marketing expert if they become a super affiliate based on revenues because one player alone can put you into that category. A good affiliate runs a website that most other affiliates in the industry know well. They build large, branded sites that can earn great commissions. Consider below ones as most important objectives to take into consideration while getting money through affiliates marketing:

  • Restrictions on approaches and traffic sources. Some traffic sources are strictly banned by advertisers because of poor quality or content involving gambling/betting separately.
  • Audience targeting correction from 18 and above to 55 as under the age of 18 main paying, playing audience is from 23 to 45 years old. It is necessary to avoid the audience under the age of 18 and older than 55 will mostly create suspicion based on the gambling/betting statistics for a casino or bookmaker within the activity and gaming transactions.

How-to-guide of earning money through affiliates payment models:

If you want to make sure the created strategy is on point to confirm that the affiliate marketing machine works, payout models are must to know. Without further ado, let’s discuss what kind of conversions can get you a commission:

  • Revenue Share (RevShare): Revenue share is a business model often used by affiliate programs or merchants who intend to promote more serious offers mostly related to gambling/betting and casino verticals. Here, an affiliate marketer created a payment system receiving a fixed percentage of the profits the company makes on the brought customers.
  • Cost per Action (CPA): The most basic payout model as it earns a commission for a specified action. Main affiliate programs/networks use it as it broads enough many various offers. The action is always specified by the affiliate network so when getting the affiliate link, the promotion will proceed with.
  • Cost per Sale (CPS): Cost per sale is a model where one earns a commission per every sale. This payout model is characteristic of e-commerce offers where the only goal of the funnel is to convince a user to purchase the product you advertise.
  • Cost per Install (CPI): Cost per install is a payment model where one earns a commission for each time a user installs an app on their mobile (or desktop) device. The goal of one’s landing page is to promote the app in such a way that they end up downloading and installing it.
  • Cost per Lead (CPL): CPL payment is a model where one earns an affiliate commission every time a user signs-up. All the users must fill their contact details such as an email address through what the conversions are scored.
  • Cost per Mille (CPM): CPM is a payment model working with cost per thousand of impressions. This is a different strategy used to generate and increase brand awareness. The goal here is to show the ad to as big of an audience as possible so banners, pops, push, and native ads (especially on mobile) while being the best ways of moderation.
  • Cost per Click (CPC): CPC is the less common model of affiliate marketing as it’s only proceeded by the biggest merchants in order to increase brand recognition. This will earn a commission for every click on the affiliate link.

Traffic Attraction

The major source to attract traffic for the gambling and betting offers is still FB. There are some restrictions on it, yet an expert can smoothly scale bundles on this advertising network with unlimited traffic volumes and wide target settings. Based on the chosen source, quality of traffic monitoring is a must and when driving large volumes of non-targeted traffic, the affiliate program might stop the cooperation instantly as it will cause quality and safety issues.

Issues and Restrictions

Despite the attraction of betting and gambling offers, there are some issues and restrictions that must be considered while working through these spheres. Well experienced and popular affiliates programs are the best choices to start and continue with as they are aware of the GEO and community restrictions per each social platform where the advertisement will be continued. The main statistics indicators and registrations to deposit indicators are the objectives for the traffic quality evaluation. The stronger the indicator, the more trust can be gained, also payments transactions will be faster with worthwhile conditions.  

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