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If you’re an advertiser who wants to start capitalizing on the unpredictable number of searches that take place on Google daily, and instantly earn the attention to grow product’s bottom line, there’s no better way to start than using Google Ads.

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program allowing to create online ads to reach audiences that are interested in offered products and services. The Google Ads platform runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, e.g: paying every time a visitor clicks your ad.

Pros of Google Ads

  • Massive Reach
  • Capabilities allowing targeting range
  • Harness intent
  • Bring desired budget to the table
  • Campaign full control maintenance
  • Results easy laid out format availability
  • Quicker than with SEO
  • Brand awareness built and increase
  • Conversion generation
  • ROI maximization via various bidding strategies

To Work with Google Ads Accounts

Proxy and an antidetection browser are needed to work with multiple accounts if so as Google Ads is strongly picky comparing with FB or any other tool. There are prepaid and postpaid accounts for Google Ads. If blocked, money cannot be brought back from an account so postpaid ones are advisable to use. Algorithms remember accounts through hardware, so if using multiple from different PC and accounts, all of them will get blocked and will stop working. Activating the account is crucial a part for a new account while promoting as the promotions are promised to get banned without it. Min 20 USD to 30 USD is advisable to put for a campaign on a white web as a beginning. Domain names are pointed out while promoting through Google Ads as it pays attention to those the traffic is driven into.  The tier one GEO as of a basic one is a good start without any suspicion as well as the domain tracking to avoid repeatable banning process. Same is about the payment, mostly cards to stick around the same one without changing any information, again to avoid suspicion through the system. Payment change or payment information change will surely damage the account’s trust-level.

To Drive Traffic from Google Ads into the Gambling/Betting Websites

Two main types of this work well for gambling/betting:

  • Traffic driven from the competitors
  • Traffic driven from product search queries

Ab inito, keyword usage is good to search for specific competing brands as traffic search converts extremely well when targeted. Then the domain creation for an ad campaign works well for the brand promotion. Keyword usage with both names and related ones effectively helps to advertise the product in a faster way such as reviews, payments, gambling/betting popular casinos, etc. Better avoid negative keywords as they will lead the campaign query to a failure without showing off on a desired level for the campaign optimization.

Featured Campaigns Through Google Ads

Mixing the semantic core and a list of negative keywords via Google Adwords, the campaign will become available when creating and processing. Processes are driven into high-frequency and low-frequency levels differentiating from 10 thousand per month with higher competition and the cost per click into 5-7 thousand a month with lower frequency queries and competition. While campaign running, smooth changes like adding several keywords are advisable as well as budget increase if recommended. Better avoid from changing payments and devices during the campaign to avoid the banning process at that exact moment. If making a campaign with a white-hat pre-landing, domain is the most important part to make sure it can be used before the previous one gets banned. If using a website instead of cloaking, WordPress or CMS are better to proceed with for a simpler and easier compilation.


Google Ads can work for all types of businesses – big and small. It’s an affordable form of advertising that can target qualified, in-market prospects when managed correctly. If you’re still wondering if Google Ads is worth the money, it’s best to start small, adjust based on results, and double down if your campaigns are generating affordable and profitable sales.

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