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WebView is a browser engine contained within an application. This is an alternative way to drive traffic to the gambling/betting website. There are two reasons why using a WebView app is better than driving traffic directly to a landing page. First as users usually install an app, it often persuades them to make a deposit using push notifications and for the second reason, Facebook has relatively simple moderation rules when it comes to apps that have been already approved by an app store. Consider below mentioned objectives to be important to drive traffic through:

  • Access to the App
  • Shared in Facebook ad account
  • Ad campaigns for app installation
  • Creativity and preparations
  • Targeting on Instagram, Facebook with their stories

Consider below mentioned ways to be suitable for getting the apps:

  • Through affiliates programs with gambling/betting offers
  • Rent or buy from freelancers
  • Rent app service usage
  • Own development

Main Traffic Sources for Apps

From those apps, one can drive traffic through the same sources based on the same strategy. Facebook, Push Notifications, In App are good one to choose for the beginning. So far, the best campaign conversions of the app traffic are from Facebook and Google UAC, because it lets set up ad campaigns directly for app advertisement. Mostly, within the campaign settings, platform specifications depending on the used devices point out the chosen application too. Through Facebook campaign, mobile traffic marketing is converted apps more than 15% if a regular campaign is launched through a link. Below are the objectives for gambling/betting choices:

  • Casino games and winnings show off
  • Account transactions
  • Money transfers from and to bank accounts

Additional WebView Source to Drive Traffic

It’s almost possible to drive traffic through WebView for any type of offer yet the main ones remain gambling/betting, trading and dating. These are the simplest ones to put on an app and process with success. Usually, the traffic quality is at a high level on these apps yet the customers can be double attracted through push notifications when promoting casino games, spins, special bonuses, featured games, jackpots, winnings, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, upcoming promotional updates, in any case, the community needs to be motivated for all at once.

Costs and Benefits

Usually, affiliates programs or networks don’t have enough applications to proceed with the advertisement actions and objectives, so making the apps as well as writing them, these costs are involved:

  • App rent
  • Find a programmer and assign this technical task to them


  • Trust increases for platform advertisement
  • Good traffic quality with community communication
  • Lower usage of other marketing tools
  • Variety of traffic sources
  • Customers’ loyalty for the product

Apps in gaming have become a central focus among game developers. While web view or web-based casinos still offer everything a gambler needs on a gaming site, most people agree that mobile apps are not only taking over but also the most popular. Gaming apps are the feature of eGaming.

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