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While the timelines of other social media apps are created algorithmically, TikTok signally analyzes community’s’ interests and tastes based on how they interact with the content. This is unlike to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram where AI is mainly a tool of the experience. These networks recommend content, and the user can choose from there, whereas TikTok aggressively dictates what you can see.

To Drive Traffic from Tik Tok Gambling/Betting Offers

An enlarged number of tipsters are using the service as a publishing platform to drive traffic from Tik Tok. Social media is yet an essential tool in attracting desired community, and TikTok is where the peak at right now. Esports and sportsbook lacking the promotion of mainstream sports, have been fast to choose the potential of TikTok to get their name out there. The same goes for English Premier League, UEFA, La Liga teams and players, as well as those from leagues overseas and other sports. TikTok comes well worked platform for gambling affiliate marketing where the pros are about the easiest campaign proceeding: no need to warm up accounts as they will get go while passing the moderation through the creativity of video maker. The prost to be used while using the app:

  • TikTok Ads advertisement campaigns
  • Campaigns with TikTok bloggers
  • Spams in active comments
  • Creativity on the personal accounts with organic traffic

Traffic from TikTok Ads

Three main campaign launch types will surely let drive traffic from TikTok vert fast:

  • Social accounts
  • Separately agent accounts
  • Paid sponsored ads accounts

Launching process through these three types will include and involve below mentioned objectives for successful progress:

  • Website conversion
  • Driven traffic for website
  • App installation

Payment models for above mentioned objectives to proceed through launching types are advised to be the followings for the beginning:

  • Views
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Optimized clicks

Once proceeding and finishing these steps, keyword choice is needed to fulfill the successful campaign lunch:

TikTok settings utilization through:

  • Targeted audience
  • Audience’s demographical analyze (country, sec, region, interests, age)
  • Preference category
  • Internet type
  • Browser type
  • Displays settings time by time for updates

Once these done, the video installation on the app can be fulfilled and ready to proceed with. The video will pass the system moderation if the video meets the conditions without aggressive content for the community.

Blogger Advertisements

A lot of bloggers have their own audience with both small and big amount through whom the advertisements can be done. TikTok is fine for buying ads from those bloggers for the specific content promotion, yet if the attention is put on the gambling/betting, it’s rather be an experienced blogger knowing the specifications of the market for the promotions to not lose the investment because of the risk. The followers amount can and should be more than 4000 + with surely good quality to start and continue with.

Spams in Comments

TikTok has yet to show ways to deal with comment spam but posting direct links won’t work as it’s not allowed. The chosen objective option to send messages with a request to go to the page through offer will be in the opened header. Considering the daily limits, it’s essential to know that one user can subscribe or unsubscribe maximum 200 page and 500 likes.

TikTok Offers to Drive Traffic

Three main offers can be used for TikTok promotion:

  • Ecommerce
  • Adult
  • Gambling/Betting

Gambling traffic from TikTok can be attracted in large volumes given a competent approach and attractive creative.

GEOs to promote successfully:

  • USA
  • Asia
  • Latin America

Gambling/Betting Video Suits in TikTok

Consider the mentioned approaches for simple video moderation:

  • Dubbing and tagging famous bloggers on the promoted video
  • Gambling/betting shots of paid attributes
  • Streaming games, mostly with prizes

As with streaming separately involving individual gaming personalities are able to command even higher followings than company brands. Account examples on TikTok include:

  • Tyler “Ninja” Blevins – 2.5M
  • Brian “FaZe Rug” Awadis – 2.5M
  • Pokimane – 2M
  • Frazier “Kay” Kay – 1.2M


Currently TikTok though, with a channel-swapping interface that made viral video hits an almost daily occurrence. Its platform content offering is set up around lip-synced or looped videos, lasting everywhere from three to 60 seconds. Overall, driven traffic has its specifications in this network with large volumes of fresh traffic, effective promotions and algorithmically moderation.

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